Eggs 4 ways: The fastest way to get groceries delivered in London

Fried, boiled, scrambled and poached, 4 popular ways to eat eggs. But what‘s the fastest way to get them delivered?

It was a late Sunday afternoon and my cousin was making his famous mango soufflé.

After making his mango purée and whipping the egg whites by hand, my cousin dopily dropped his bowl of egg yolks, just moments before he needed to combine them with the mango and fold together the aerated egg whites and the mango-enriched yolks to create his fruity egg-based wonder.

“In 15 minutes these egg-whites will be ruined” my cousin exclaimed. “I luckily haven’t combined the egg yolks with the mango purée, so I am going to need more eggs, FAST!”

A few days prior to this chaotic Sunday escapade, a friend had told me about a way of getting groceries delivered to your door in under 15 minutes: Weezy. I was curious so I downloaded the app and created an account.

Having never used the service, I now had the perfect opportunity to put their famous 15 minute delivery promise to the test.

Just to make things a little more interesting, and to have a contingency plan, we decided to pit Weezy’s rapid service against some other well known delivery mediums.

I asked my cousin’s flatmates to participate in our novel egg race, and within a flash we had orders placed for the delivery of half a dozen eggs from Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Weezy & Getir. As a trained scientist, recognising the need for a control in this unique egg-speriment, I instructed my friend Emma to get some eggs the old fashioned way, by walking to the local Tesco.

Once all the orders had been placed, we had 54 eggs on route to my cousins flat in North London.

Both Weezy and Getir allowed us to find an item by product type, whereas Deliveroo and Uber Eats directed us to select our closest grocery options which oddly turned out to be two different Sainsbury’s locations.

Out of the four options, Weezy promised delivery in 15 minutes, Getir in 17 minutes, while both Deliveroo & Uber Eats offered a range between 15 to 25 minutes.

Weezy driver arrived just 8 minutes after ordering!

After a nerve-wracking wait and with my cousin’s egg whites in danger of deflation, the winner, with a door to door delivery time of just 8 minutes, was…Weezy!

In second place and 4 minutes earlier than expected was Getir (from whom we actually had to order 30 eggs due to the £10 minimum order value).

Taking nearly double the time it took for the Weezy eggs to arrive, Deliveroo and Uber Eats both delivered bang in the range of their initial expected arrival times.

My cousin’s mango soufflé was saved, with our eggs turning up in nearly half the amount of time originally estimated.

Weezy was fast, but I wanted to understand what had given them the edge over established delivery services.

After digging a little deeper, I found out the specialty grocery delivery service Weezy had launched in July 2020 as the UK’s first on-demand supermarket. Their ethos is to reduce the amount of time consumers need to spend shopping by providing quality groceries, from local sources which are sustainably delivered in an instant. They are able to achieve such astoundingly short delivery times due to the operation of their strategically located own dark stores. These stores operate like local warehouses, holding products as inventory ready to be packed and delivered, as soon as an order is placed, by Weezy’s own couriers.

Some of the things that stood out to me from my experience using the Weezy platform include:

  • The instant welcome email and discount code in your inbox ready for first purchase once you sign up to Weezy
  • The option of adding ‘What3Words’ when adding a delivery address
  • The ease of searching for items by name and/ category i.e. ‘Home Essentials’
  • No additional hidden fees or minimum order requirements
  • Text updates when an order is placed, close by and post delivery
  • The option to connect with my delivery driver directly via the app
  • The speed of delivery — 2x faster than ETA
  • The personalised name and smiley face on the delivery bag!
  • At a glance it wasn’t clear when Weezy were open for delivery — upon further digging I found the times hidden in the FAQs
  • Few bugs when opening the app caused it to crash — which is to be expected from a new app but I hope they’ll be ironed out soon
  • One additional feature could be the ability to search products by occasion to target additional consumption moments like a ‘movie night’ (showing popcorn, snacks, and ice cream) or ‘house party’ (showing drinks, cups and finger food).

The eggs arrived just in time, and my cousin’s mango soufflé was as perfectly risen as he always makes it — although he told me that not opening the oven door, and saying a little prayer, are the real secrets to making light and fluffy French desserts.

As for what we did with all those extra eggs? Unfortunately shrove Tuesday is long gone but the internet is awash with novelty egg recipes such as: [Japanese soufflé pancakes], [omurice], [James Hoffmann steam wand eggs].

Also, it’s my birthday next month — maybe my cousin will have some eggs (and energy) left over to bake me a cake this year.

Food, tech and carbs

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